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Dog Bites Attacks - Dangerous World of Possession, Materialism & Weapons

DOG BITES ATTACKS - The Dangerous World of Possession, Materialism & Dogs (As Weapons)

You only have to look at their TEETH to recognize how deep the consequences will be.....

In a world of possession, materialism, weapons and imagery, we often see people using animals in particular dogs, as an attention seeking toy, a protective tool and even as a cheap fashion accessory, in contrast with a Rolex, Fur Coat, Race Horse, Car, etc. We know very well, these types of materialistic objects are not always acquired for reasons of long term investment. Instead these attention seekers, drape themselves with their possessions, in view of the materialistic world.

Some people also use dogs as a means of communicating delusional superiority, self importance and domination over others. These shallow minded vain fools will be guilty of similar acts using other objects. Of course there are idiots who are immediately impressed by such public imagery.

As for those truly irresponsible people who have demonstrated they are really unfit parents by putting their (toy) dogs with small children/babies...... Get Rid of All of These Really Stupid People From My Life!

This post endeavors to bring home the DENIED REALITY of dog people who are fully responsible for the violence and ferocious attacks on children and adults. The owner of these dogs obtained the animal in the knowledge that these dogs could display at any time, with their magnificent fangs, their natural behavior and instincts. Human beings persist with ludicrous notions of superiority on earth, therefore the (physically inferior) dog becomes the Scapegoat and is destroyed, even though it was simply behaving like a Real Dog!

Here are some recent global stories of dog attacks....................

Family's 2 Pit Bulls Kill Rubidoux Man - 19 December 2008 - NBC Los Angeles (USA)
RUBIDOUX, California -- A Rubidoux man was attacked and killed Friday by his family's two pit bulls.

Banning Aggressive Dogs is Absurd even if Dog Kills Human Being - 8 December 2008 - Pravda.Ru (Russia)
A Pit Bull dog attacked and killed its owner in the city of Nizhnevatorsk, in Russia’s north. The tragedy took place on Sunday, December 7, when the man, the dog’s owner, invited his friends to come and visit him for drinks and snacks. When the dog bit the man by his leg, the guests thought that the pet was simply playing with its owner. The next minute the dog jumped down his throat.(?!)

Dog Tore into Face as I Slept - 5 September 2008 - The Sun (UK)
A WOMAN will need her nose rebuilt by surgeons after her dog tore into her face as she slept. Princess Goodwin, 50, has already had skin grafts and 40 stitches following the 3am attack by her pet greyhound Ali.

Woman Injured in Latest Serious Dog Attack - 10 June 2008 - New Zealand Herald (New Zealand)
A woman viciously attacked by a pitbull terrier in the country's second serious attack within a week was looking after the dog while its owner was in prison.

Hospitals See Rise in Dog Bites - 27 February 2008 - BBC (UK)
The number of people treated for dog bites at hospitals in England has risen sharply, according to figures obtained by the Liberal Democrats. NHS statistics show the number attending A&E after a dog attack has risen by more than 40% in the last four years to nearly 3,800 a year. Chloe Grayson (right), nine, is still recovering from a sudden unprovoked dog attack which has left her left cheek seriously scarred.

Dog-Bite Victim Sues - 31 January 2008 - The San Diego Union-Tribune (USA)

Dr. Nancy Matthews, a 47-year-old Valley Center equine veterinarian. In November 2006, she was mauled by two boxers that had bitten two other people and were on the loose near her house. “I don't want this to happen to anyone else,” she said.
The teenage aunt of a 13-month-old boy mauled to death by a rottweiler bravely fought to rescue the tot from the jaws of the 10-stone dog.

Other Links Delivering Reality
Dog Bite Law (USA) - Attorney Kenneth Phillips is the author of this web site. He has a unique law practice: he represents only people who have been bitten by a dog. His clients include children and adults throughout the United States.

Fatal dog bites in New Zealand
Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 10 August 2007, Vol 120, No 1259

Examines fatalities from dog bites in New Zealand and the commonalities they show with dog attacks both in New Zealand and overseas. In 2004, a 39-year-old Dunedin woman was savaged to death by her pet bull mastiff dog: an un-neutered fully grown male, weighing 55 kg. Her injuries included extensive bites to both right and left arms, originating above the elbow. The majority of the serious wounds were found on the victim’s face, neck, and skull.

Dog Bites: Information and Statistics (Blogspot)
Dog Bites: Information and Statistics provides authoritative, factual information on dog bites. Studies and stats on this site are held to a peer-reviewed, PubMed standard.

Abu Ghraib Dog Tactics Came From Guantanamo - 27 July 2005 - Washington Post (USA)
Military interrogators at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq learned about the use of military working dogs to intimidate detainees from a team of interrogators dispatched from the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, according to court testimony yesterday.

* * *

Needless to say, Real Guard Dogs are not Toys. Unfortunately there are some irrational people who provoke these dogs to attack people, to intimidate and to check the real ferocity of these animals.

Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib were important training centers for America's Virgin (inexperienced) Soldiers and Playgrounds for intimidation and psychological experiments.

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Her Name is Ameneh Bahrami and She Wished No Harm........So Why Harm Her?.........Iran Acid Attack

Her Name is Ameneh Bahrami and She Wished No Harm....... So Why Harm Her?.............

To Spend YOUR LIFE in DARKNESS......


  • A man blinded Ameneh in an acid attack after she spurned his marriage proposals. He has been sentenced to the same punishment, in a literal application of Iran's sharia Eye-for-an-Eye Qisa laws.
  • Tehran province criminal court has ordered Majid Movahedi, 27, to be blinded in both eyes from drops of acid in response to a plea from his victim, Ameneh Bahrami.
  • The punishment is legal under the Sharia Code of Qisas, which allows retribution for violent crimes.
  • Bahrami was left horrifically disfigured after Movahedi threw a jar of acid in her face in October 2004. Her injuries led to the loss of one eye and left her blind in the other.
  • She had previously complained to police about being threatened and harassed by Movahedi, but had been told no action could be taken.
  • Asked by the judge if she wanted Movahedi's face to be splashed with acid, she replied: "That is impossible and horrific. Just drip 20 drops of acid in his eyes so he can realise what pain I am undergoing."
  • Ameneh Bahrami, said Movahedi's family had asked her to marry him several times, but she had refused. Movahedi later threatened to kill her. Movahedi said he decided to attack Bahrami after she told him she had married someone else, and pleaded with him to leave her alone.
  • "I decided to splash acid on her face so her husband would leave her and I could have her," he told the court.
  • Tehran's deputy public prosecutor, Mahmoud Salarkia, said the publicity surrounding the case would deter future acid attacks.
  • Majid is allowed to appeal the verdict.


On the 3 February 2009 I updated this Story at Majid Movahedi - Iran State Supreme Court Rejects Appeal. On the 5 March 2009 in: Ameneh Bahrami - Why Acid Attacks Will Continue on Muslim Women/Children in the 21st Century and Beyond - I make reference to Ameneh's recent Interview in Spain and refer to the articles in the Iranian Constitution and Penal Code, responsible for Driving Inequality of Justice for the Physically Weak in Iran.


Sources of Information

Woman Blinded by Spurned Man Invokes Islamic Retribution - Washington Post - 14 December 2008

An Eye for An Eye according to Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Qisas)

Court orders Iranian man blinded
- BBC - 28 November 2008

Eye for an Eye: Iranian man sentenced to be blinded for acid attack - The Guardian - 28 November 2008

Iranian court sentences man to be blinded by acid - AP NEWS - 27 November 2008

Acid Attacks: What can be done? - BBC - 8 August 2003
Just over a year ago someone crept into Zarina Ramzan's home and poured acid over her face.

* * * * *

Ameneh's Bahrami's Website (As Shown on CNN 19 Feb 2009) is
This site also has some information:
Both in the Persian Language, At the Moment.
Before transferring any funds to help Ameneh, PLEASE ask CNN to confirm bank details.


An Eye for An Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth is a Recognized Deterrent - Great Britain, United States, Israel, India, etc.

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Shannon Matthews - £50,000 pounds Of Ill Will Bait From The Sun (Newspaper)

SHANNON MATTHEWS - £50,000 pounds Of Ill Will Bait From The Sun (Newspaper)

Karen Matthews, Mother (Left) and Shannon Matthews (Right)
Shannon Was Reported Missing - When She Never Was
The Motivation - Money!

The Police Search for Shannon Matthews cost nearly £3.2 million. This was one of the largest searches ever carried out by West Yorkshire Police in England - 200 officers were mobilised, 1,800 properties were searched, 1,760 cars were stopped and three-quarters of all the UK's police dogs were used. Additional Costs will be incurred for Karen's incarceration in Prison, Serving Time at Her Majesty's Pleasure. Karen Matthews Pursued A £50,000 Liquid Cash Reward For Finding Shannon.


The Story In Brief

The mother of Shannon Matthews has been found guilty of kidnapping the schoolgirl by drugging her and having her tethered to a wall in order to claim reward money offered for her safe return.

Karen Matthews, 33, and her accomplice, Michael Donovan, 40 - the uncle of Matthews' former partner, Craig Meehan - were today convicted of false imprisonment, kidnap and perverting the course of justice.

The pair concocted a plan in which Shannon was held in Donovan's flat for 24 days, drugged with temazepam and travel sickness tablets, and confined by an elastic strap with a noose on the end, a three-week trial was told. The pair had planned to release Shannon in Dewsbury market where she would be "found" by Donovan, who would then have claimed the various rewards.

Following the verdicts, which took the jury six hours to reach, Justice McCombe warned the pair that they faced a "substantial custodial sentence".

Detective Superintendent Andy Brennan, condemned the pair. "Karen Matthews is pure evil. She started deceiving those closest to her from the very moment that Shannon was kidnapped. Friends, neighbours and family were under the clear impression that Shannon was genuinely missing.''"It's difficult to understand what type of mother would subject her own daughter to such a wicked and evil crime."

After 24 days, Police found Shannon hidden inside the base of a bed in Donovan's flat on March 14. They smashed their way into the flat after reports of strange noises from neighbours.

Prosecutors told Leeds Crown Court that far from being grief-stricken, Matthews was "a proven, consummate, skillful and convincing liar". Sounds Familiar!


Information Sources Including News Articles

Shannon Matthews' mother guilty of kidnapping own daughter
- The Guardian - 4 December 2008

Shannon Disappearance Timeline - Yorkshire Evening Post - 4 December 2008

Shannon's "evil" mum guilty in kidnap case - Reuters - 4 December 2008

Karen Matthews and Michael Donovan abused Shannon's trust says CPS lawyer - The Crown Prosecution Service - 4 December 2008

Video: the Moment Karen Matthews Admits to Police She Lied - The Times - 4 December 2008

My First Post Highlighting This Story - West Yorkshire Police - Serious Failings in Interrogation? - 12 April 2008

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ANGELA CORNES (Angel from Hell) versus MARTIN GILBERTSON (Ex Hells Angel)

ANGELA CORNES (Something Sinister Disguised in a British Police Uniform)


MARTIN GILBERTSON (Ex Hells Angel - A Real Life Saver who warned Anti-Terrorist Police about the 7/7 London Suicide Bombers in 2003)


(Something Sinister Disguised in a British Police Uniform)

* * *

On a wet New Year’s Eve, two police officers were called to a café in Wimbledon where a young woman had collapsed in the doorway, barefoot, bleeding and pleading for help. Banaz Mahmod, 20, told PC Angela Cornes and a colleague that her father had forced her to drink brandy and tried to kill her. That afternoon, her father, Mahmod Mahmod, had driven her to her grandmother’s house, taken her into the living room and ordered her to consume half a bottle of spirits. She had never before drunk alcohol............

Miss Mahmod might be alive today had PC Cornes considered the possibility that she was telling the truth. Instead, the experienced officer, trained in dealing with female victims of violence, sized up the frightened girl and believed her to be a lying, manipulative, attention-seeking drunk......................


Banaz Mahmod was an innocent and vulnerable female. She delivered the highest level of truth and fact about her parent's mindset, education and culture. Banaz Mahmod was a Good British Citizen, an EXPERT and a bridge to understanding and resolving conflict in Multiculturally Diverse Environments.

Too many innocent People have been injured and killed now in such situations, because Public Sector Employees were in fact grossly ignorant, arrogant and clearly unfit for their positions.
They Have Blood On Their Hands Today.


Full Article
PC Angela Cornes decided Banaz Mahmod was a lying drunk - The Times - 1 December 2008
Promotion for PC Angela Cornes who ignored victim Banaz Mahmod - The Times - 1 December 2008
My Post: Honour Violence and Killings



In June 2006, IT worker Martin Gilbertson claimed that through his work with the Iqra designing flash macromedia presentations, he met Mohammad Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer, two of the July 7th suspected bombers, and was sufficiently worried about the content of the presentations he was asked to create, that he says he attempted to inform the police of his concerns in 2003.

"In October 2003, I walked into the police station in Holbeck (Leeds West Yorkshire) and said I have something for the Anti-Terrorist Squad. The officer told me to "send it in" to West Yorkshire police headquarters. I sent, by normal mail, a collection of the discs I had made and a covering letter, with my telephone number, to the West Yorkshire police. I added a list of names, including Khan and Tanweer, plus the names of people from whom they were receiving emails. Some of those names were quite surprising, because they included people regarded as mainstream Muslim community leaders. I heard nothing back from the police. Not a word. I only wish I had had some access to MI5 - I probably could have got them in there, before the bombs went off."

'When I heard where the bombers were from I felt sick' - The Guardian - 24 June 2006

* * *

Needless To Say Real Guardian Angels do not Wear Uniforms and Have Wings. They also Do Not Work for the State and Religious Groups.

By the way, Real Angels flew to different locations, prior to Princess Diana's Death. It appears the Paget report needs (3)Three Additional chapters. When there is Intent to ignore Warnings, it is obvious the actual result is what was wanted and desired by certain people.

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The British Fritzl - Another Perverted Gaffer/Father


Another Perverted "Gaffer" (Father) with A Female Accomplice (His Wife)
What are their Names? Unfortunately the old method of Naming and Shaming in public has disappeared in order to protect the victims.

This man and woman were clearly unfit parents, so why were they allowed to have children?


Daily Express - 26 November 2008

........The 56-year-old, who has been compared to the notorious Austrian Josef Fritzl, was given 25 life sentences for the horrific catalogue of rapes and abuse he inflicted on his children..............

25 life terms for 'British Fritzl - The Independent - 25 November 2008

Authorities had numerous chances to intervene in the rape of two daughters by their father.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, impregnated his daughters 19 times, with seven children surviving. All of them have health problems related to genetic abnormalities.

The elder daughter became pregnant seven times and has two surviving children. Her sister had 12 pregnancies and has five surviving children. Two of the sisters' babies died the day they were born.

1988 - Teachers become suspicious when injuries are noticed on the face of one of the girls at school, but they are subsequently blamed on bullying. The other daughter stays away from school with a broken arm. During this time, and on several occasions over the next 14 years, doctors raise concerns with the sisters about abnormalities in the foetuses of their unborn children. One doctor tells a daughter not to have any more children with the same man and questioned the children's paternity. Any involvement with the father is disputed. DNA tests were not carried out.

Early 1990s The family move from South Yorkshire to live in small villages in Lincolnshire.

1997 The brother of the two women goes to police with "hearsay evidence" of incest. Police look into the claim but no further action is taken.

1998 One of the daughters phones ChildLine in an attempt to report the ongoing abuse. She asks for a guarantee that the sisters would be able to keep their children but hangs up when that cannot be given.

2004 The family move back to South Yorkshire, and while social services again become involved, the abuse is not detected.

June 2008 The case comes to the attention of authorities. The father is arrested.

Other Sources of Information

How two girls were trapped by shame, fear and the love of their own children - The Times - 26 November 2008

Britain's Fritzl: The professionals who failed to act -
Daily Mail - 26 November 2008

RAPIST DAD: Mother turned blind eye to years of harm - The Star - 26 November 2008


Here lies a story demonstrating exactly why many countries should stop claiming they are role models of an advanced civilization. Their Behaviour, Attitudes and Depravity is straight out of biblical times and not reflective of any Lessons Learned and the 21st Century.




Does this British Gaffer and his wife, have names with religious connotations, just like "RoseMARY" and "JOSEF", the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION "FRITZL?

Refer to my post Josef Fritzl and UK v Osman.

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Saudi Arabia Attacks Doctor Raouf Amin, An Egyptian Whipping Boy, who bowed To His ROYAL Patients

LEFT: King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

Saudi Arabia Attacks Doctor Raouf Amin,
An Egyptian Whipping Boy,
who bowed To His ROYAL Patients

This is the 21st CENTURY and Saudi Arabia is Doing It Again. Or is there something We Don't Know about Egyptian Doctors and their conduct as well as Raouf Amin and his Royal Patients?

I can understand 1,500 lashes even Saudi Beheadings for some heinous crimes (when someone is a barbaric uncivilized human being in the 21st century, you must treat them accordingly as a deterrent to others, even in Democratic Countries) but surely not for simply supplying medication that had already proved effective for this Horse Riding, Back Aching, Demanding Saudi Princess.

Has this PRINCESS stopped taking MORPHINE, now that she knows what happens to Innocent Doctors who seek to alleviate the suffering of the Saudi Royal Family?


The Moral of the Story is Don't Work for Royalty anywhere, if they are going to punish you for simply doing your job.


Doctor Sentenced to 1,500 Lashes for Addicting Saudi Princess to Painkillers

Egyptian Raouf Amin languishes in a Saudi jail and is punished with 70 lashes once a week. Cut off from his family in Egypt, the 52-year-old doctor was convicted for prescribing painkillers to a Saudi princess that led to her addiction.

An appeal court judge ruled that Amin will be beaten weekly until he has received 1,500 lashes - and then he'll spend another 14 years behind bars.

The judge doubled the original punishment meted out to him a little over one year ago in the lower court where Amin was sentenced to a seven-year jail term with 750 lashes.

Not surprisingly, human rights groups and the Egyptian doctor's syndicate are outraged.

The doctor, who has lived and worked in the Gulf state for more than 20 years, had been treating the princess for several months for back pains after she visited the hospital in which he worked.

Ahmed Amin, the doctor's son, who himself was born in Saudi Arabia, claims the woman went into the hospital and specified the medication she wanted. The woman had been receiving similar treatment in the United States after she had fallen from a horse while riding.

Hafez Abu Saeda, the director of EOHR concurred that the medication Amin had prescribed was the same as the woman had been receiving in the United States, "so it is obvious that the doctor was not at fault for her addiction," Abu Saeda concluded.

Both the Egyptian foreign ministry and the Saudi Embassy in Cairo refused to comment on the case, saying the matter is still under investigation.


Sources of Information about Raouf Amin and Shawki Abd Rabu

Employment ban - 20 November 2008 - Al-Ahram Weekly

Egypt draws up Saudi companies blacklist: report - 14 November 2008 - Daily Star Egypt

Egypt halts doctor visas to Saudi - 13 November 2008 - BBC

Doctor Sentenced to 1,500 Lashes for Addicting Saudi Princess to Painkillers - 28 October 2008 - Middle East Times

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Hannibal & Aline - Use Your Own Hospitals in Libya, Next Time!

Hannibal & Aline Kadhafi - Use Your Own Hospitals in Libya, Next Time!

Servants Drop Charges Against Kadhafi Son - AFP - 2 September 2008

GENEVA (AFP) — Two servants who accused the son of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi of mistreating them in a Geneva hotel have dropped their legal complaints against him and his wife, their Swiss lawyer said Tuesday.

"In a free, considered and informed manner, my clients have decided to withdraw the legal complaint that they filed," said lawyer Francois Membrez.

Hannibal Kadhafi was arrested in July along with his wife Aline at a luxury hotel in the lakeside city after the servants -- a Moroccan and a Tunisian -- alleged they had been abused by the couple.

The Kadhafis denied the allegations and Libya demanded a Swiss apology.

In a statement, Geneva-based Membrez said the two servants, who no longer work for the couple, have been "properly compensated," although he gave no specific figures.

"They have been recognised as victims and their sufferings have been taken into account," the lawayer added.

"They have also received a temporary humanitarian residence permit in Switzerland."

The case angered Libya, which restricted air links, stopped issuing visas to Swiss nationals, shut the Tripoli offices of two major Swiss companies and detained two Swiss nationals -- who were subsequently released.

Membrez last month accused Libya of holding the brother and mother of the Moroccan servant "hostage" over the affair.

The mother has since been released, but on Tuesday, Membrez said there was still no news of the brother, adding that he would take the case to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva.

* * * * *

Sources of Information

Gaddafi abuse complaints withdrawn - - 2 September 2008

List of Hospitals in Libya For Hannibal Gaddafi

* * * * *

This case may have fallen through the cracks however there will be other cases including ones where Outsiders (not the victims) will enforce the law instead, on the abusers.

Pakistan - Jafferabad - Baba Kot - This is Not Cricket!

Pakistan - Jafferabad District - Baba Kot - This is Not Cricket!


Five Women (with Brains and obvious Intelligence), wanted to pick their OWN husbands
- Buried Alive in Mass Honour Killing

Five women have been buried alive by their tribe in a mass honour killing, prompted by their wish to choose their own husbands. The victims, who included three teenagers, were abducted at gunpoint, beaten and shot before being thrown into a ditch. They were still breathing as their bodies were covered with rocks and mud, according to media reports and human rights activists.

The incident occurred in Baba Kot, a remote village in Jafferabad district, after the women decided to defy tribal elders and arrange marriages in a civil court, according to the Asian Human Rights Commission.

They were said to have been abducted at gunpoint by six men, forced into a vehicle and taken to a remote field, where they were beaten, shot and then buried alive, it said, accusing local authorities of trying to hush up the killings.

* * * * *


What does a country's global achievements say about their level of education, ingenuity, values system and their contribution to the advancement of human civilization?

Pakistan (PAK)
Silver - National team - 1956 Melbourne - Field hockey - Men's competition
Gold - National team - 1960 Rome - Field hockey - Men's competition
Bronze - Mohammad Bashir - 1960 Rome - Wrestling - Men's freestyle welterweight
Silver - National team - 1964 Tokyo - Field hockey - Men's competition
Gold - National team - 1968 Mexico - Field hockey - Men's competition
Silver - National team - 1972 Munich - Field hockey - Men's competition
Bronze - National team - 1976 Montreal - Field hockey - Men's competition
Gold - National team - 1984 Los Angeles - Field hockey - Men's competition
Bronze - Syed Hussain Shah - 1988 Seoul - Boxing - Men's middleweight
Bronze - National team - 1992 Barcelona - Field hockey - Men's competition

Pakistan has not won any medals since 1994.

* * * * *

A Pakistani lawmaker provoked outrage by defending the men from the Baluch tribe who had carried out the killings. Israr Ullah Zehri told stunned members of Pakistan's parliament: 'These are centuries-old traditions and I will continue to defend them,' 'Only those who indulge in immoral acts should be afraid.' He claimed the tribal traditions helped stop obscenity - and then asked fellow lawmakers not to make a big fuss about it.

Many stood up in protest, saying the executions were 'barbaric' and demanding more discussion. But a handful said it was an internal matter of the deeply conservative province of Baluchistan.

'I was shocked,' said lawmaker Nilofar Bakhtiar, who pushed for legislation calling for perpetrators of so-called honour killings to be punished when she served as minister of women's affairs under the last government. 'I feel that we've gone back to the starting point again,' she said. 'It's really sad for me.' The incident apparently occurred about a month ago.

Accounts about the killings have varied, largely because police in the tribal region have been uncooperative.

The Asian Human Rights Commission, however, said the two older women may have been related to some of the teenage girls and were apparently murdered because they were sympathetic to their wishes. There have been claims one of the perpetrators was related to a top provincial official.

* * *

The word tradition comes from the Latin word traditio which means "to hand down" or "to hand over." It is used in a number of ways in the English language: Beliefs or customs taught by one generation and transferred to the next, often orally. It can refer to maintaining an established status quo in the favour of some of the participants. The word Tradition is sometimes incorrectly used, in situations driven by Self Interest and Profit.

* * * * *

Famous Male Pakistanis (Females are Absent From Defining Pakistan's National Identity)

The poet and philosopher of a revitalized Islam, Mohammad Iqbal (1873–1938), who wrote in Urdu, Farsi, and English, first called for the establishment of a Muslim state on the subcontinent in a statement made in 1930.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah (1876–1948), the Quaid-e-Azam, or "Great Leader," rallied the Muslims to this cause and became the first governor-general of the Commonwealth of Pakistan.

The Pakistani-born scientist Abdus Salam (1926–96) shared the 1979 Nobel Prize for Physics for his work in electromagnetism and the interaction of elementary particles.

In literature, the paramount position is still held by the great Urdu writers who lived before the establishment of Pakistan. Ghalib (1796–1869) and Iqbal are recognized as the two greatest Urdu poets.

Foremost among Pakistan's artists is Abdur Rahman Chughtai (1899–1975).

World-class cricket players such as Fazal Mahmood, Hanif Mohammad, Sarfaraz Nawaz, Mushtaq Mohammad, Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Abdul Qadir, Wasim Akram, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Saeed Anwar, Waqar Younis, Mohammad Yousuf and Shoaib Akhtar. Ismail Gulgee - Famous Painter

* * * * *
Sources of Information

Pakistan investigates 'honor killings' of 5 women - (Associated Press)

Five women who wanted to pick their own husbands buried alive in mass honour killing (Daily Mail - Great Britain)

Shot, then buried alive in honour killings (The Sydney Morning Herald - Australia)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bulgaria - Ilko Todorov, 7 Year Old Chained to the Kitchen Sink

Left: Monument of Gotse/Georgi Nikolov Delchev (1872-1903). He was an important 19th century revolutionary figure in Ottoman Macedonia and Thrace.

Bulgarian Parents Chained Son to Sink while the Dog Roamed Freely

A Bulgarian couple chained their seven-year-old boy to the kitchen sink to prevent him from misbehaving while they were at work.

Social services in Bulgaria had to intervene after being notified by neighbours in the south-eastern town of Gotse Delchev, who heard the boy's father boast about how he was managing to control his son.

His parents began chaining the boy, Ilko, at the beginning of the summer holidays.

Ilko was bound by a four-metre chain to the sink when his mother, a cleaning lady, and his father, who worked in metallurgy, left the house. The chain only allowed him to move though a limited space in the house and caused chronic injuries.

The chain was long enough to allow him to open the fridge and reach their terrace - but not to go to the toilet. His only company was the family's dog Bucky - ironically, the dog was able to roam freely.

The child told social services that he was being punished for misbehaving.

His mother said her husband "was afraid his son would turn into a criminal".

Ilko has since been brought to an orphanage.

Social services were due to rule within 10 days whether he could be returned to his mother, who has promised to leave her husband.

Little Ilko Todorov was taken to a foster home after receiving medical treatment, while his parents Ilija, 40, a metal worker and Marija, 34, a cleaner, could be facing legal charges.

Speaking from the foster home, where he has been receiving intensive counselling, Ilko said: “I am happy here and I get to play with other children now. I miss my mum but I don’t want to see my dad.”

His mother Marija told authorities that she was forced to chain up her son by his domineering father. She said: “I tried to tell him not to do it, but I was afraid of him.”

The father Ilija declined to comment and only said that he chained his son in a bid to keep him away from “bad company.”

Sick pair chained up their son - 14 August 2008 - The Sun

Bulgarian parents chained son to sink: report - 14 August 2008 - ABC News

* * *

If you can not discipline a child through communication and reasoning,
you are clearly unfit to be a parent.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hannibal and His Wife V Innocent Hostages in Libya - Planned Protest March in September 2008 - Geneva, Switzerland

"They Are Innocent!"
The Hostages in Libya

Planned Protest March in September 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland

This is a Googled translation of an article from Le Matin on 9 August 2008 entitled

Affaire Kadhafi: des musulmans de Suisse appellent à une manifesfation -
Case Gaddafi: Muslims in Switzerland call for a manifesfation

Ali Benouari, the president of the Swiss Association of Muslims for Secularism and Union of North Africans in Switzerland - "We will organize a march to encourage Switzerland to remain firm against Libya and demand the immediate and unconditional release of hostages held on Libyan territory."

An appeal has been launched by the Swiss Association of secular Muslims and Mughrabi Union in Switzerland through the voice of their President Ali Benouari, and by the Association of Swiss against fundamentalism, chaired by Salika Wenger, MP Geneva. The event will take place in September in Geneva.

Geneva, is where it all began. Hannibal Gaddafi and his wife were arrested and charged on July 15. Since then, two Swiss nationals were imprisoned in Libya. They have been Freed but they can not leave Libya. The mother and brother of the domestic Moroccan worker, who filed the complaint against the son of Colonel Gaddafi, have been imprisoned. These are methods of a "dictatorship from another age," says Ali Benouari.

Ahmed Benani, of Moroccan origin endorsed the approach. "I condemn the taking of hostages - an act of terrorism by Gaddafi - and I am concerned to see Switzerland, the rule of law, lie down face to the requirements of such a psychopath at the head of a rogue state."

Hafid Ouardiri, director of the foundation of knowledge - Between, Geneva, was more tempered: "The situation is delicate and we must proceed with great wisdom." He would prefer a demonstration organised by an association "without connotation Community" to bring together the largest number of citizens.

The president of the Cultural Association of Muslim women in Switzerland plans to turn to send a letter to Libyan organizations in Switzerland.

More Information in Article -

Use Google To Translate -

* * *

UAE - Slavery in the Conrad Hotel, Brussels - Monarchies/Royalty are Not Above the Law!

UAE - Slavery in the Conrad Hotel, Brussels - Monarchies/Royalty are Not Above the Law!

Left - The Conrad, Brussels

Unfortunately there are certain groups/people (royalty, religious, political, business, military, etc) who still turn a blind eye to such human rights violations and intolerable behaviour. They are either guilty of the same crimes behind closed doors; or they have been personally profiting financially and materially, from these Human Rights Violators.


What every European citizen and Foreign Visitor in Europe Knows......


Seven family members of deceased Emir Muhammed Khalid Al Nahyan from the United Arab Emirates were charged on 29 July 2008 with exploiting servants, while living in the Conrad Hotel, Brussels, Belgium.

They are accused of psychological harassment and risk two to five years in prison if convicted, according to prosecutors.

The servants, dubbed "slaves" in the Belgian media, allegedly had to be at the service of the Arab royals 24 hours a day and had their passport taken away on arrival in Belgium. The women were reportedly not allowed to leave the hotel and their monthly salaries were as low as £80 a month.

Most Belgian newspapers have described this case as "slavery right in the heart of Brussels".

Eleven of the family's servants, came from Egypt, Iraq, India, Morocco, Philippines, Syria and Turkey, have been given the status of victims of exploitation. Six others continue to work for the family.


The sheik's wife and her four daughters lived in Brussels and rented out an entire floor of the deluxe Conrad Hotel.

This case was brought to light when a 32 year old Moroccan woman managed to escape and went to the Belgium police. She said she had been exploited by the family of an emir from the United Arab Emirates. Her passport had been taken away. The woman said she was not the only one who'd been exploited.

Police officers and officials from Belgium's Labour Audit Authority raided the Conrad Hotel, the city's most prestigious and the preferred choice of many national leaders during European Union summits, on Tuesday 1 July 2008. The Moroccan was telling the truth.

The widow of rich sheik Mohammed Bin Khalid Al Nahyan had been living in the hotel for the past year, together with the four daughter-princesses: Shaima, Myriam, Maessa and Rawda. Since they didn't want anybody snooping around they paid for the entire fourth floor with 53(!) rooms. They had fourteen servant girls and three body guards, from the Philippines, Morocco, India, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq and Syria. The servant girls in particular were exploited.

While the mother Hmada, of the princesses and their children lived in the most beautiful rooms the servant girls had to sleep in the corridor while many of the paid rooms stood empty for a possible visit.

The chic and pricy Conrad Hotel, "where you can discover the luxury of being yourself", is situated on the city's Avenue Louise and surrounded by the most expensive shops in Brussels. The price of a room begins at £260. A hotel spokesman, was unable to give the cost of renting an entire floor.

According to the Moroccan who had managed to escape, they didn't get much sleep. At the most they got three hours per night. The rest of the day they had to be on stand by for the princesses.

"They were demanding. their coffee addition typified them. They were crazy about hot coffee. But they abhorred saucers. Therefore you had to take the hot cup in your bare hands. The result: you easily got burned. But I couldn't go to the doctor. I didn't get permission for that.

"We were not allowed to complain or to ask any questions. We just had to be there at their beck and call."

"The girls barely got anything to eat. The woman says she couldn't leave the hotel without a guard. She was paid 500 euros a month, while the other servant girls were paid less: 150 euro. The highest earner got 700 euro. The Moroccan had applied for the job in her homeland, but local politician Fouad Lahssaini (Ecolo) says she was deceived by them. Immediately after the raid on the hotel, she was called up by the recruiting service in Morocco, who wanted to manipulate her. She was terrified, since her parents still live in Morocco and her former bosses are extremely powerful.

The Moroccan woman claims the hotel knew very well that they were employed in abominable conditions.

An ex-employee of the Conrad confirmed that the hotel closed their eyes for their top customer.

'The fire alarm was turned off on their floor. Because the princesses were annoyed by that noise." ENDANGERING EVERYONE'S LIFE!

* * *



Traite à l'hôtel Conrad : 7 membres d'une famille d'un émir inculpés - 30 July 2008

Women 'enslaved' by Arab royals - The Telegraph - 2 July 2008
Seventeen women have been taken by police from a luxury hotel in Brussels amid allegations that they had been enslaved by an Arab royal family.

Brussels: Emir's family turned hotel into private kingdom - 2 July 2008

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Josef Fritzl - Slavery and Imprisonment Charges

Josef Fritzl - Slavery and Imprisonment Charges - Latest News and Information

Austria: Dungeon man faces slavery charge
- 4 August 2008 - CNN

A prosecutor says Josef Fritzl, the man who held his daughter captive for 24 years in a cellar and fathered seven children with her, may be charged with slavery. Fritzl initially confessed to raping his daughter and having seven children with her. St. Poelten prosecutor Gerhard Sedlacek also says authorities hope to have formal charges -- likely to include a series of crimes -- ready by the end of September and that a trial would likely begin in December.

Josef Fritzl's wife 'living like an animal' - 4 August 2008 - The Telegraph
The wife of Josef Fritzl has revealed how she has been forced to "live like an animal" because she is afraid to be seen out in public. Elisabeth threw Rosemarie out of the villa because the three grandchildren she brought up still called her "mum". They claim Rosemarie is now struggling to survive on benefits of £300 a month and has lost a considerable amount of weight since the incest was uncovered in April. ..... her sister Christine, ..... said Rosemarie felt let down by the authorities. "My sister has totally lost it,"...... "She is also a victim and cannot understand that she does not get any help from anyone."

Austrian prosecutors are debating whether to charge incest offender Josef Fritzl with slavery, in a last ditch attempt to maximise the time he serves in jail, according to press reports.

Mr Fritzl, has admitted to imprisoning his daughter Elisabeth for 24 years in a purpose-build concrete dungeon .... where she was forced to give birth to seven of his children.
One of the children, a baby boy called Michael, died shortly after birth ...... But despite his partial confession, it was revealed last month that Mr Fritzl could only be facing ten years in prison because Austrian law, unlike British law, does not allow for multiple convictions, and because the only charge certain to be proved in court was that of incarceration.

Austrian prosecutors are now considering whether they can charge Mr Fritzl with slavery, under Paragraph 104 of the Austrian Penal Code - a crime originally deriving from the country’s 19th century law, that carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

It was a distinguished university professor of criminal law, who has not been named, who suggested the slavery charges, according to press reports.

Judge Kurt Leitzenberger, head of the St Pölten Regional Court where Mr Fritzl will stand trial, told The Times: “The case is singular in the country’s history and there is no legal precedent to draw experience from. Compiling the charges against the suspect is a delicate procedure for a number of reasons and prosecutors are carefully examining all possibilities.”

Mr Fritzl is facing a string of charges including rape, incarceration, incest and coercion, as well as manslaughter for the baby that died. But prosecutors fear that the manslaughter changes could be “extremely difficult” to prove because so much time had elapsed since the death of the newborn in 1996. There is a similar problem with the rape charges, for which there is lack of forensic evidence.

The only serious crime that Mr Fritzl is certain to be convicted for is incarceration, which carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison.

* * *

Josef Fritzl - Other Cases of Abduction and Imprisonment of Adults and Children

Slavery, Servitude, Forced or Compulsory Labour - UDHR, ECHR & UKHRA

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Al-Gaddafi Speaks (Hannibal's Father) - UN Security Council and International Criminal Courts and Tribunals

Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi/al-Gathafi Speaks....
(Date of Speech/Article Not Known)

As we are dealing with Swiss Law Enforcement on "Hannibal" Motassim Bilal Gaddafi and His Wife Alin Skaf/Aline Skaff, I thought I would share an interesting speech made by Hannibal's Father, Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi/al-Gathafi, about the UN Security Council and the illegality of International Criminal Courts and Tribunals. I have extracted only a few paragraphs from al-Gaddafi's full speech.

To read the complete text, go to


The Illegality of the International Criminal Courts and Tribunals

The international courts and tribunals are a feature of an international system that is based on selectivity and double standards. What these courts have in common is their lack of the legal conditions for the existence of any court.....

.....the international criminal courts that the world has known were established in one of two ways. They were either established by the victors of a certain war, as was the case with the military tribunals of Nuremberg and Tokyo that were created by the victorious Allies after World War II, or by an “international” authority of dubious legitimacy as was the case with the International Tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda that were created by the Security Council......

......In establishing the tribunals of Nuremburg and Tokyo in the wake of World War II, the Allies invoked only the legitimacy of the victors who were capable of imposing their terms on the vanquished. They created those tribunals in a manner that guarantees the condemnation of their enemies as criminals while absolving them of their own war crimes.....

....Those tribunals met none of the standards of justice in view of the following facts: They were created by the political leaders and military commanders of the occupation forces. Their judges were not impartial. They were themselves the opponents on the field of battle. In accordance with the recognized standards of justice, they were not qualified to play the role of a judge since they were party to the conflict.....

...The defendants before those tribunals were prisoners of war. Under international law, they could not be brought to trial.....

.....The Tokyo tribunal was created by a special order of General McArthur. That personal order established new, contrived crimes and offences that existed only in McArthur’s imagination. Needless to say, the court under that law victimized many defenseless Japanese........

.......the Tokyo Tribunal condemned a Japanese commander for what it considered the crimes of the soldiers under his command in the Philippines. He was sentenced to death despite the fact that it was not proven that he had given any orders. Indeed, he could not have known what had happened for the simple reason that he had fled the battle field.......

.......Those tribunals were a sham whose only purpose was to provide justification for the conduct of the Allies who exceeded the legitimate right to self defense. A proof of this is that unlike the other Allies, Russia, the country most devastated by the War, did not put any of the German military commanders in the part of Germany it occupied, on trial........

....The international criminal courts are illegal. So are their sentences. Their victims and their relatives are entitled to just restitution and reparations for the injustice visited upon them. They are entitled to demand rehabilitation. The events of World War II must be brought once again before impartial courts that would reconsider the conduct of the victors and the vanquished alike. The earlier tribunals did not prosecute the crimes committed by both parties. They were confined to the prosecution of the vanquished alone. More importantly, the crimes for which they were tried had not been established in a previous law. Therefore, those tribunals violate the legal rule “Nullum crimen, nulla poena sine lege”. (No persecution for a crime unless pursuant to a previous law establishing that crime)......

......The same applies to the International Criminal Tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. They were both established by the Security Council. The legitimacy of the Council is dubious. It was created in the same manner, and under the same circumstances, in which the Nuremburg and Tokyo Tribunals were established. It is yet another one of the products of World War II. The victors created the Security Council as a tool to shape international relations in the manner they saw fit. It was not created by the independent will and free choice of the states of the world. ........

......The character of the council, and the tasks it currently discharges, are dubious because it represents only a minority. The states of the world did not take part in its creation. Therefore, it has no right to put their citizens on trial. Suffice it to recall that the international Court of Justice ruled that the Security Council had no jurisdiction over the Lockerbie question. Nevertheless, the council disregarded that ruling and continued to address the Lockerbie question without any international legal basis. At the same time, the Council did not address the Court’s ruling concerning the “Military and Paramilitary Activities in and against Nicaragua”.........

.....The current international courts and tribunals were created in the fashion of their antecedents.
Their purpose is not to try all those who may have committed a crime, but to try the weaker, vanquished party alone......

The International Criminal Court (ICC)
The establishment of the ICC followed the same lines of the Military and Ad-Hoc International Criminal Tribunals. Although established by a treaty, its Statute was based on the rules governing the above-mentioned international tribunals and on the rules of the Nuremburg Trials. This inherent distortion has stripped it of its character as a court of law in the strict legal sense.

This is evident in the following:
The Statute of the ICC allows the Security Council to request it to halt the proceedings of any case brought before it. Even if the Council abandons it’s well known selectivity and double-standards in dealing with international peace and security, any relationship whatsoever it may have with the Court negates the independence of the ICC and strips it of its character as a court.....

.......the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia...... That tribunal condemned the commanders of the Bosnian Serb Army and the Bosnian Croat Army without any evidence that they had given orders to commit the crimes of murder and torture for which they were condemned. Indeed, it was not proven that either of them was even in the theater of operations at the time of the commission of those crimes......

....a court that is subject to the influence of an international authority of dubious legitimacy such as the Security Council and that of the major powers cannot be a fair court. Even if it were established by the General Assembly of the UN, it would still lack legitimacy and legality. The General Assembly is made up of civil servants who represent their countries before the UN. They are not legislators. They have no right to legislate. The General Assembly of the UN deals with the political and diplomatic questions facing the world. It is not empowered to legislate or enact laws. Legislation is the exclusive right of the world’s parliaments or their representatives....

.....The international criminal courts and tribunals that the world has so far known remain a mere façade. Rather than promoting justice, they distort it.............

......The states of the world have yet to agree on a precise definition of the crime of aggression that would facilitate the determination of aggressors and those who exercise the legitimate right to self-defense. In addition, the concept of aggressive war remains ambiguous......

.....Despite its lack of legitimacy, and despite its nature as an “emergency” council, the Security Council continues to have the upper hand in shaping relations among states. Therefore, the ICC will remain, like its creator, an “emergency” court. It will also remain a façade that hides the ill intentions of the powerful states towards the weak ones. It will enable the powerful states to escape the authority of the court, if it can be said to have any real authority......

.......National courts will continue to be more credible than the international ones. Thanks to their legitimacy and independence, the public will continue to consider the sentences of national courts as fair and impartial. The principle of universal jurisdiction of national courts allows any state to bring the perpetrators of war crimes to justice before its courts, regardless of where those crimes were committed and regardless of the nationality of their perpetrators.......

.....International law has not matured yet. It is still of a customary nature that does not enjoy the unanimity of the world. However it develops, it will continue to be a law “among” states, not “above” them. National sovereignty of states over their territory and citizens remains the criterion for the interpretation and application of any international instrument......

......As a general rule, people have a natural right not to be subject to a law in whose formulation they did not participate. They must never be forced to follow a law enacted by any authority without their willing participation.......


Update on Negotiations between Libya and Switzerland,
Keep an English Eye on ....

Gaddafi wants 'his pound of flesh' - 29 July 2008 -
As the diplomatic crisis between Libya and Switzerland drags on, the French foreign ministry headed by Bernard Kouchner, has warned Libya against any escalation. But will intervention by other nations help or hinder a resolution in Switzerland’s favour. WRS’s Pete Forster put this question to Dr George Joffe, a Middle East specialist at Cambridge University’s Centre of International Studies. -->

Bern banks on bilateral talks with Tripoli - 29 July 2008 -
Bern says it is going to continue direct diplomatic discussions with Libya, without the help of a third country acting as a mediator. It had been suggested that France or Italy could help sort out the crisis, which was sparked by the arrest of Colonel Gaddafi’s son and daughter-in-law in Geneva earlier this month. Meanwhile Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey says two Swiss citizens detained in Libya are now being held in better conditions. The Swiss consulate in Tripoli has not been allowed to visit them, but their lawyer says they are in good health, physically and mentally. Libya says they are being held for suspected immigration offences.

Libya negotiations to remain bilateral - 28 July 2008 -
Switzerland and Libya will continue negotiations to resolve the ongoing diplomatic crisis between the two countries without the assistance of a third-party mediator.

Geneva hospital provided Gaddafis with medical escort - 28 July 2008 - It has emerged that when Hannibal Gaddafi and his wife left Geneva, they took two doctors from the city’s University Hospital with them. The hospital´s director said the medical repatriation was justified, as Hannibal´s wife was nine months’ pregnant. One of the doctors returned from Libya the following day; the other had to wait an extra day for a flight back to Switzerland. The Gaddafis had been staying at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, but left the country immediately after paying CHF500,000 bail.