Monday, December 1, 2008

ANGELA CORNES (Angel from Hell) versus MARTIN GILBERTSON (Ex Hells Angel)

ANGELA CORNES (Something Sinister Disguised in a British Police Uniform)


MARTIN GILBERTSON (Ex Hells Angel - A Real Life Saver who warned Anti-Terrorist Police about the 7/7 London Suicide Bombers in 2003)


(Something Sinister Disguised in a British Police Uniform)

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On a wet New Year’s Eve, two police officers were called to a café in Wimbledon where a young woman had collapsed in the doorway, barefoot, bleeding and pleading for help. Banaz Mahmod, 20, told PC Angela Cornes and a colleague that her father had forced her to drink brandy and tried to kill her. That afternoon, her father, Mahmod Mahmod, had driven her to her grandmother’s house, taken her into the living room and ordered her to consume half a bottle of spirits. She had never before drunk alcohol............

Miss Mahmod might be alive today had PC Cornes considered the possibility that she was telling the truth. Instead, the experienced officer, trained in dealing with female victims of violence, sized up the frightened girl and believed her to be a lying, manipulative, attention-seeking drunk......................


Banaz Mahmod was an innocent and vulnerable female. She delivered the highest level of truth and fact about her parent's mindset, education and culture. Banaz Mahmod was a Good British Citizen, an EXPERT and a bridge to understanding and resolving conflict in Multiculturally Diverse Environments.

Too many innocent People have been injured and killed now in such situations, because Public Sector Employees were in fact grossly ignorant, arrogant and clearly unfit for their positions.
They Have Blood On Their Hands Today.


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PC Angela Cornes decided Banaz Mahmod was a lying drunk - The Times - 1 December 2008
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In June 2006, IT worker Martin Gilbertson claimed that through his work with the Iqra designing flash macromedia presentations, he met Mohammad Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer, two of the July 7th suspected bombers, and was sufficiently worried about the content of the presentations he was asked to create, that he says he attempted to inform the police of his concerns in 2003.

"In October 2003, I walked into the police station in Holbeck (Leeds West Yorkshire) and said I have something for the Anti-Terrorist Squad. The officer told me to "send it in" to West Yorkshire police headquarters. I sent, by normal mail, a collection of the discs I had made and a covering letter, with my telephone number, to the West Yorkshire police. I added a list of names, including Khan and Tanweer, plus the names of people from whom they were receiving emails. Some of those names were quite surprising, because they included people regarded as mainstream Muslim community leaders. I heard nothing back from the police. Not a word. I only wish I had had some access to MI5 - I probably could have got them in there, before the bombs went off."

'When I heard where the bombers were from I felt sick' - The Guardian - 24 June 2006

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Needless To Say Real Guardian Angels do not Wear Uniforms and Have Wings. They also Do Not Work for the State and Religious Groups.

By the way, Real Angels flew to different locations, prior to Princess Diana's Death. It appears the Paget report needs (3)Three Additional chapters. When there is Intent to ignore Warnings, it is obvious the actual result is what was wanted and desired by certain people.