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Dog Bites Attacks - Dangerous World of Possession, Materialism & Weapons

DOG BITES ATTACKS - The Dangerous World of Possession, Materialism & Dogs (As Weapons)

You only have to look at their TEETH to recognize how deep the consequences will be.....

In a world of possession, materialism, weapons and imagery, we often see people using animals in particular dogs, as an attention seeking toy, a protective tool and even as a cheap fashion accessory, in contrast with a Rolex, Fur Coat, Race Horse, Car, etc. We know very well, these types of materialistic objects are not always acquired for reasons of long term investment. Instead these attention seekers, drape themselves with their possessions, in view of the materialistic world.

Some people also use dogs as a means of communicating delusional superiority, self importance and domination over others. These shallow minded vain fools will be guilty of similar acts using other objects. Of course there are idiots who are immediately impressed by such public imagery.

As for those truly irresponsible people who have demonstrated they are really unfit parents by putting their (toy) dogs with small children/babies...... Get Rid of All of These Really Stupid People From My Life!

This post endeavors to bring home the DENIED REALITY of dog people who are fully responsible for the violence and ferocious attacks on children and adults. The owner of these dogs obtained the animal in the knowledge that these dogs could display at any time, with their magnificent fangs, their natural behavior and instincts. Human beings persist with ludicrous notions of superiority on earth, therefore the (physically inferior) dog becomes the Scapegoat and is destroyed, even though it was simply behaving like a Real Dog!

Here are some recent global stories of dog attacks....................

Family's 2 Pit Bulls Kill Rubidoux Man - 19 December 2008 - NBC Los Angeles (USA)
RUBIDOUX, California -- A Rubidoux man was attacked and killed Friday by his family's two pit bulls.

Banning Aggressive Dogs is Absurd even if Dog Kills Human Being - 8 December 2008 - Pravda.Ru (Russia)
A Pit Bull dog attacked and killed its owner in the city of Nizhnevatorsk, in Russia’s north. The tragedy took place on Sunday, December 7, when the man, the dog’s owner, invited his friends to come and visit him for drinks and snacks. When the dog bit the man by his leg, the guests thought that the pet was simply playing with its owner. The next minute the dog jumped down his throat.(?!)

Dog Tore into Face as I Slept - 5 September 2008 - The Sun (UK)
A WOMAN will need her nose rebuilt by surgeons after her dog tore into her face as she slept. Princess Goodwin, 50, has already had skin grafts and 40 stitches following the 3am attack by her pet greyhound Ali.

Woman Injured in Latest Serious Dog Attack - 10 June 2008 - New Zealand Herald (New Zealand)
A woman viciously attacked by a pitbull terrier in the country's second serious attack within a week was looking after the dog while its owner was in prison.

Hospitals See Rise in Dog Bites - 27 February 2008 - BBC (UK)
The number of people treated for dog bites at hospitals in England has risen sharply, according to figures obtained by the Liberal Democrats. NHS statistics show the number attending A&E after a dog attack has risen by more than 40% in the last four years to nearly 3,800 a year. Chloe Grayson (right), nine, is still recovering from a sudden unprovoked dog attack which has left her left cheek seriously scarred.

Dog-Bite Victim Sues - 31 January 2008 - The San Diego Union-Tribune (USA)

Dr. Nancy Matthews, a 47-year-old Valley Center equine veterinarian. In November 2006, she was mauled by two boxers that had bitten two other people and were on the loose near her house. “I don't want this to happen to anyone else,” she said.
The teenage aunt of a 13-month-old boy mauled to death by a rottweiler bravely fought to rescue the tot from the jaws of the 10-stone dog.

Other Links Delivering Reality
Dog Bite Law (USA) - Attorney Kenneth Phillips is the author of this web site. He has a unique law practice: he represents only people who have been bitten by a dog. His clients include children and adults throughout the United States.

Fatal dog bites in New Zealand
Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 10 August 2007, Vol 120, No 1259

Examines fatalities from dog bites in New Zealand and the commonalities they show with dog attacks both in New Zealand and overseas. In 2004, a 39-year-old Dunedin woman was savaged to death by her pet bull mastiff dog: an un-neutered fully grown male, weighing 55 kg. Her injuries included extensive bites to both right and left arms, originating above the elbow. The majority of the serious wounds were found on the victim’s face, neck, and skull.

Dog Bites: Information and Statistics (Blogspot)
Dog Bites: Information and Statistics provides authoritative, factual information on dog bites. Studies and stats on this site are held to a peer-reviewed, PubMed standard.

Abu Ghraib Dog Tactics Came From Guantanamo - 27 July 2005 - Washington Post (USA)
Military interrogators at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq learned about the use of military working dogs to intimidate detainees from a team of interrogators dispatched from the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, according to court testimony yesterday.

* * *

Needless to say, Real Guard Dogs are not Toys. Unfortunately there are some irrational people who provoke these dogs to attack people, to intimidate and to check the real ferocity of these animals.

Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib were important training centers for America's Virgin (inexperienced) Soldiers and Playgrounds for intimidation and psychological experiments.


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