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Her Name is Ameneh Bahrami and She Wished No Harm........So Why Harm Her?.........Iran Acid Attack

Her Name is Ameneh Bahrami and She Wished No Harm....... So Why Harm Her?.............

To Spend YOUR LIFE in DARKNESS......


  • A man blinded Ameneh in an acid attack after she spurned his marriage proposals. He has been sentenced to the same punishment, in a literal application of Iran's sharia Eye-for-an-Eye Qisa laws.
  • Tehran province criminal court has ordered Majid Movahedi, 27, to be blinded in both eyes from drops of acid in response to a plea from his victim, Ameneh Bahrami.
  • The punishment is legal under the Sharia Code of Qisas, which allows retribution for violent crimes.
  • Bahrami was left horrifically disfigured after Movahedi threw a jar of acid in her face in October 2004. Her injuries led to the loss of one eye and left her blind in the other.
  • She had previously complained to police about being threatened and harassed by Movahedi, but had been told no action could be taken.
  • Asked by the judge if she wanted Movahedi's face to be splashed with acid, she replied: "That is impossible and horrific. Just drip 20 drops of acid in his eyes so he can realise what pain I am undergoing."
  • Ameneh Bahrami, said Movahedi's family had asked her to marry him several times, but she had refused. Movahedi later threatened to kill her. Movahedi said he decided to attack Bahrami after she told him she had married someone else, and pleaded with him to leave her alone.
  • "I decided to splash acid on her face so her husband would leave her and I could have her," he told the court.
  • Tehran's deputy public prosecutor, Mahmoud Salarkia, said the publicity surrounding the case would deter future acid attacks.
  • Majid is allowed to appeal the verdict.


On the 3 February 2009 I updated this Story at Majid Movahedi - Iran State Supreme Court Rejects Appeal. On the 5 March 2009 in: Ameneh Bahrami - Why Acid Attacks Will Continue on Muslim Women/Children in the 21st Century and Beyond - I make reference to Ameneh's recent Interview in Spain and refer to the articles in the Iranian Constitution and Penal Code, responsible for Driving Inequality of Justice for the Physically Weak in Iran.


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Just over a year ago someone crept into Zarina Ramzan's home and poured acid over her face.

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Ameneh's Bahrami's Website (As Shown on CNN 19 Feb 2009) is
This site also has some information:
Both in the Persian Language, At the Moment.
Before transferring any funds to help Ameneh, PLEASE ask CNN to confirm bank details.


An Eye for An Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth is a Recognized Deterrent - Great Britain, United States, Israel, India, etc.


Rahanna said...

There's no denying what pain this lady is going through, and I can understand the logic behind her attacker's punishment. The attack being so horrific, should it be inflicted on another person by the government. What kind of an example is that? With situations like these no punishment is enough. Who are we as a people to blind someone, that applies to him and Iran. His cumuppence will come, but that punishment is unethical.

Anonymous said...

We need to consider how successful our own punishment systems are as deterrents, before we attack other countries and their practices. If IRAN successfully reduces, even eliminates Acid Attacks on women as a consequence of Qisas - an Eye for an Eye punishment - we should consider adopting such punishment ourselves. This is not about seeking revenge, it is about setting a permanent public example to all, as a serious warning.

Anyone who has been close to loosing or has already lost their eye sight in fact any of their senses as a consequence of a vicious and unjustified attack, will understand and support Iran's actions.

Anonymous said...

If only we could adapt something similar in europe where the victim has no rights and the criminal has all the rights in the world. The criminals here are given 5 star treatment in jails, they are let off early and most of them sue to claim money.

As Mahatma Gandhi said "An Eye for an Eye" will only turn the whole world blind. Well I say "SO BE IT".

Anonymous said...

I think this is fantastic. So much legal cr@p nowadays to punish someone. I hope he will enjoy the acid in his eyes.

Anonymous said...

Why can't they take his eyes and give it to her so she can see instead of blinding him. She could see again and he will be punished as well.

Anonymous said...

I just watched an interview on - my heart goes out to her. What an aweful experience - to all girls...its key to cut these guys out of your life asap..before they become controling and obsessive. In any culture..I'm Canadian and I see women from all backgrounds dealing with similar issues. Not with Acid but, it could easily get to that point. I hope that guy gets what he deserve jail time or loose his sight too! I agree, an eye for an eye.

Anonymous said...

With the medical technology that we have today we should be able to transplant eyes from a recently deceased person or perhaps the eyes of her attacker, if this isn’t possible at this time then how about surgically removing his eyes and keeping them in storage until they have the means to perform such an operation.
RW from Canada

BlankLife said...

To call this punishment an act a violent is beyond ridiculous. For every action there needs to be a reaction. This man acted violently. Had he known that his punishment would be the same in inflicted I think he would have thought twice before doing this to another person. The way we run our system in the US is beyond a joke.
This is not an act of violence being done to this man. This is a punishment fitting the crime. If this ruling by the Iran government saves even one other person from going through this. Then good for them, they are on a better track then even we are.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but I do believe in an eye for eye - if someone did to me what was done to her - I would have spent every penny i could to track him down and then torture the hell out of him - and I probably would be spared by the jury - hell hath no fury like a human being disabled by another

Anonymous said...

Good Job Ameneh! If he had given any thought to how you might suffer from what you did he would not have done it. Now people thinking of such acid attacks will have to think twice about the possibility that the same thing will be done to them and they will consider how it might feel to have that done to them. God job!

The punishment fits the crime and it will be a deterrent.

Anonymous said...

She is 100% right. How dare anyone try to criticize her for wanting to spare another innocent person from suffering the way she has. Her attacker is a selfish loser who deserves the sentence he gave her.

Anonymous said...

I bet it deters him from ever doing it again, a well deserved and just punishment!!! And it might send a message to anyone else considering such heneous deed. Do unto others etc..

Anonymous said...

What a horrible situation. I agree with her 100%. Punishments are deterrents and we need harsher punishments in the US.

Anonymous said...


Did you see the face of this woman? How would you feel having your life irretriveably changed in an instant because some selfish bastard thought he could get away with it?

This is a crime of monstrous proportions. He took her face, her eyes, her life. She is NOT asking for the same thing, although if this guy was dipped in a deep fry at McDonalds I doubt I'd weep.

The main reason this behavior is widespread in MUSLIM countries is because they can get away with it! Once you have these lungers thinking twice about consequences for their cowardly acts, you might have a chance stopping them.

AT said...

It is barbaric but that is the only way to deal with a barbarian.

Also,What about the disfigurement of the rest of her face? The rest of his face is not being disfigured so he is getting away cheap.

Anonymous said...

He deserves it. With his kind of craziness, no amount of money penalty will make him feel remorse. Her life has been permanently ruined because of this man- she did NOTHING.He needs to be made an example of- egotistical violence against women will not be tolerated. I would completely support this man loosing his eyes as well.

Anonymous said...

I think those who are condemning the request to attack the perpetrator with acid should look at the bigger picture. If other men see that they too will face the same fate as the women they've hurt-- they will be less likely to do it. As it stands, this guy has his entire body intact, and others may not fear doing it themselves.

John said...

I may disagree with Iran on a lot of things and generally do not have a great opinion of them (history, if you ask why), but this gets a million thumbs up from me. In America, he would have got 10 years (maximum penalty) for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and been out in 5 most likely.

This is a TRULY appropriate punishment.

Hip-hip-hooray for Iran today.

Anonymous said...

I support this eye for an eye. She has a life sentence of pain and loss. He deserves exactly the same. I applaud her courage for demanding this for the sake of anyone else that might become a victim of such a horrific act. Maybe her being so brave and taking this stance will make another person that would think of inflicting such an act .. Think twice. Well done beautiful Lady. May God keep you safe and bless your life with much joy.

Anonymous said...

No matter what surgeries she goes through she cannot get back her original form, her whole life has been devastated - the pain and life she is going through right now is horrible than death.
I have heard of lot girls from India, Afghanistan and other muslim countries tortured by acid attacks...

Do you want the culprit to serve some 5- 10 years in prison and then come back and live a happy life while the innocent girl and her family suffering for whole life..
In India, an acid victim is blinded for life and still undergoing multiple surgeries while the culprit is free after serving 7 years of prison and he is now happily married to someone else.
when the innocent girl is suffering every come the culprit can be free and live a normal life...

No way..
The culprit should be poured acid on face ...
this punishment will make such inhuman culprits to think twice before pouring acid on any girl's face



cryoorg said...

the iranian gov putting acid in this guy's face is the strongest message they could send to other potential acid-throwers. Death would be too easy... this nutcase probably wants it.. acid in his face is the best way to go

AA-1177 said...




Anonymous said...

"What kind of an example is that?"

Are you kidding?! The example is that it will establish that it is unacceptable for a man to throw acid at a woman simply because he thinks it's somehow allowed in Islam.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely take his eyes, and his head as well. It should be double the punishment for this asshole, and all others like him. This monster doesn't deserve to live with the rest of humanity. This man is a self-absorb, barbaric scum and has no understanding of the true religion of Islam. My heart goes out to all people who are victims of violence by others. Any society or culture that allows this kind of behaviour or mitigates its significance, should be wiped off the earth.

Luna said...

I do not believe there can be any real humane justice or restitution for her pain and loss. But, what I may consider is this: Why not have one of his eyes surgically removed and given to her with the hope that she can at least see again even if it is with only one eye. This man should also be the one who pays for any medical expense for providing her with his eye. She will not have to wait for an eye donor.

It may be hard to look into a mirror and see your enemy's eye looking back at you but at least something he took from her he can give back to her- her sight. She can see her mother & father's smiles. She will see the face of her future children. She will someday see the face of her husband. I'd like to express things a bit further but eventually it will only echo much of what has already been said.

OzJohn said...

Ameneh is being allowed to seek justice in a way that all such victims should be entitled to. An 'Eye for an Eye' justice option, if adopted by other countries, could have a significant deterrent effect.
Come on the US, EU, etc. Wake up and stop pussy footing with ethics and law!

Anonymous said...

You have to concider the Country this took place in and their rules and laws. I think it would only be fair if acid was splashed on his face to the extent it was to her.

Deborah said...

I see that she can pay an extra dollar amount and have both of his eyes blinded, just as both of hers were. (Since he is a man, his eyes are considered more valuable.). Does anyone know where we can contribute to a fund to provide her with the capital to pay this additional fee? Or, to use for her own care if she so choose?

Anonymous said...

ALL of the comments here make me even sicker than the crime itself! At least some of you seem to have a slight inkling of the structural violence in Iranian society which is the real problem. The acid attack, police inaction, legal discrimination against women, punishment according to the maxim "an eye for an eye"--the whole process has VIOLENCE written all over it! While I understand your reactions, I really wonder what happened to Christian values!? Some of you people seem to say, "Why not just go back to the old caveman ways, when everyone could serve his own justice unhampered by ethics and all that other civilized bullshit!"

Lana said...

What Christian values?? She is Muslim, she is from Muslim country with Muslim law! What an ego - to see only Christian values around. Wake up, world is multisided!

Btw I am Christian myself but I respect her choice.

Anonymous said...

Fist of all, "an eye for an eye" are not the words of man, but the words of God! Second, this woman seek justice the correct way. Violencee? I can't even spell the word. Justice? most certainly! why not put your mind in her face, why not put your soul in her tears,why not put your heart in her in her place and let JUSTICE PREVAIL!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone read the post in this blog "AMENEH BAHRAMI - Why Acid Attacks In the Muslim World Will Continue"?

Ameneh Bahrami, said recently in an interview that under Iranian law, she is entitled to blind Majid in ONLY ONE EYE, unless she pays €20,000 ($25,110), because in Iran women are not considered equal to men.

"They have told us that my two eyes are equal to one of his because in my country each man is worth two women. They are not the same,".

This is clearly stated in Iran's Constitution and Penal Code. By the way, Qisa Laws were only introduced recently - 1982.

THIS IS NOT A STORY ABOUT "AN EYE FOR AN EYE" JUSTICE, AT ALL. It is a story of state sponsored inequality of justice for the physically weak. The bigger the biceps, the more rights you have.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame even to consider "eye for eye" principle!!! That is so primitive, non-human, idiotic,...can't find the right word for how wrong it is. Just horible. Not doing "eye for eye" is the basic difference between us, and those who do terrible things like this. It is what makes us humans, not animals! And it is trully a shame if anybody harms human person, no matter what it did. Especially in the name of law!

There are many ways of punishing man, without harming him physically. It goes with democracy....

Anonymous said...

"Why can't they take his eyes and give it to her so she can see instead of blinding him. She could see again and he will be punished as well."

Whoever said that is a complete retard. You can't just give people new, fully-functional eyes and expect them to work.

Anonymous said...

Today is the 17th of April. So I think it is done.

I do not support this.

And I hope, the the Goverment of Spain let her not come back in the shelter of Europe.

I am very sad about what happened to her. But I can not understand this brutal behavior. Sorry

God bless you

Anonymous said...

This world has already become blind and dark!

Remember what God himself did while he was on earth: he showed mercy! Only through mercy and love is eternal life in heaven with God gained.

Through revenge and hate people condemn themselves to hell.
Is it that what you want? Is it that what you want for the Iranian man who did this to the Iranian woman? Is it that what you want for the Iranian woman who has lost her eye-sight?

World, wake up: hate and revenge lead to self-destruction AND the destruction of others! Love and mercy lead to the construction of self AND others!

Repent repent repent!!!! Before it is too late! God is very patient but at a given time his patience may come to an end!!