Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hannibal & Aline - Use Your Own Hospitals in Libya, Next Time!

Hannibal & Aline Kadhafi - Use Your Own Hospitals in Libya, Next Time!

Servants Drop Charges Against Kadhafi Son - AFP - 2 September 2008

GENEVA (AFP) — Two servants who accused the son of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi of mistreating them in a Geneva hotel have dropped their legal complaints against him and his wife, their Swiss lawyer said Tuesday.

"In a free, considered and informed manner, my clients have decided to withdraw the legal complaint that they filed," said lawyer Francois Membrez.

Hannibal Kadhafi was arrested in July along with his wife Aline at a luxury hotel in the lakeside city after the servants -- a Moroccan and a Tunisian -- alleged they had been abused by the couple.

The Kadhafis denied the allegations and Libya demanded a Swiss apology.

In a statement, Geneva-based Membrez said the two servants, who no longer work for the couple, have been "properly compensated," although he gave no specific figures.

"They have been recognised as victims and their sufferings have been taken into account," the lawayer added.

"They have also received a temporary humanitarian residence permit in Switzerland."

The case angered Libya, which restricted air links, stopped issuing visas to Swiss nationals, shut the Tripoli offices of two major Swiss companies and detained two Swiss nationals -- who were subsequently released.

Membrez last month accused Libya of holding the brother and mother of the Moroccan servant "hostage" over the affair.

The mother has since been released, but on Tuesday, Membrez said there was still no news of the brother, adding that he would take the case to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva.

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This case may have fallen through the cracks however there will be other cases including ones where Outsiders (not the victims) will enforce the law instead, on the abusers.

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