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Hannibal and His Wife V Innocent Hostages in Libya - Planned Protest March in September 2008 - Geneva, Switzerland

"They Are Innocent!"
The Hostages in Libya

Planned Protest March in September 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland

This is a Googled translation of an article from Le Matin on 9 August 2008 entitled

Affaire Kadhafi: des musulmans de Suisse appellent à une manifesfation -
Case Gaddafi: Muslims in Switzerland call for a manifesfation

Ali Benouari, the president of the Swiss Association of Muslims for Secularism and Union of North Africans in Switzerland - "We will organize a march to encourage Switzerland to remain firm against Libya and demand the immediate and unconditional release of hostages held on Libyan territory."

An appeal has been launched by the Swiss Association of secular Muslims and Mughrabi Union in Switzerland through the voice of their President Ali Benouari, and by the Association of Swiss against fundamentalism, chaired by Salika Wenger, MP Geneva. The event will take place in September in Geneva.

Geneva, is where it all began. Hannibal Gaddafi and his wife were arrested and charged on July 15. Since then, two Swiss nationals were imprisoned in Libya. They have been Freed but they can not leave Libya. The mother and brother of the domestic Moroccan worker, who filed the complaint against the son of Colonel Gaddafi, have been imprisoned. These are methods of a "dictatorship from another age," says Ali Benouari.

Ahmed Benani, of Moroccan origin endorsed the approach. "I condemn the taking of hostages - an act of terrorism by Gaddafi - and I am concerned to see Switzerland, the rule of law, lie down face to the requirements of such a psychopath at the head of a rogue state."

Hafid Ouardiri, director of the foundation of knowledge - Between, Geneva, was more tempered: "The situation is delicate and we must proceed with great wisdom." He would prefer a demonstration organised by an association "without connotation Community" to bring together the largest number of citizens.

The president of the Cultural Association of Muslim women in Switzerland plans to turn to send a letter to Libyan organizations in Switzerland.

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