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Silvano Orsi - Keeping an Eye on All The Players

Keeping an Eye on All The Players, Their Covert and Overt Decisions/Actions

Silvano Orsi is a Brave Man. He is fighting a Cause in the 21st Century, which has consequences for victims of similar acts of violence in different countries including Europe and the UAE. Let us acknowledge, Silvano is acting in the interests of Civilized Justice and on behalf of other victims, who are unable to seek legal remedies themselves, around the world.

Silvano has been accused of pursuing this case in the interests of money. Well, those with more money would say that, wouldn't they! They say it Every Single Time, even when it is not The Case. Silvano Orsi has Witnesses and Justice Must Be Served. Surely there are other victims and witnesses globally, who have been targetted by Sheikh Falah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and His Associates, with the same violent acts.

Some very simple questions need to be answered and publicized in this case :

In which countries and banks does Sheikh Falah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan have investments and funds?
How much? How long have these funds been there? Who is dependent on these funds in these countries? Why are funds really being held outside the UAE?

If financial deposits and investments are significant, intimidation and threats of removing funds are recognized global tools for exerting pressure on decision makers, including the judiciary.


Extracts from Silvano's Recent Telephone Interview with
- American Seeks Justice Against ‘Champagne Sheikh’ - 18 June 2009

After losing a court battle in Switzerland with a member of the ruling United Arab Emirates’ family who whipped him with a belt in a Geneva bar, an American former Swisscom executive is appealing the case to the European Court of Human Rights. A former American expat plans to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights after Switzerland’s top court upheld the acquittal of an Arab sheikh charged for whipping him with a belt in La Réserve, a luxury Geneva hotel.

Orsi, has told Swisster he believes Switzerland has violated his basic human rights in a bid to appease a powerful Arabic ruling family.

Last June, a Geneva police court fined the sheikh 10,000 francs, in addition to issuing a suspended sentence equivalent to a 540,000-franc fine, after finding him guilty of assault causing bodily harm with a dangerous weapon. But in March this year a cantonal appeals court quashed the conviction, ruling that the belt was not a dangerous object.



A belt is not a dangerous object but then nor is a bicycle brake cable until it is used as a Garrote! A woman with long finger nails or even a finger with the right attitude, can damage, even scratch your eyes out. As for a fist...... Any Act of Violence and Savagery.....

It would appear Switzerland needs to revisit the floggings and whippings of Black Slaves, the back bone of the United States of America today, along with the motives and the financial status of the Former Sadistic Slave Masters.

History is an Early Warning System but as we know, only those with An Education, will ever base their decisions and behaviour on Historical Lessons Learned.


Last week, Switzerland’s supreme court in Lausanne upheld the ruling after rejecting Orsi’s appeal on procedural grounds. The court ruled that as a civil party, the American citizen did not have the legal standing to challenge the acquittal.

Orsi said in addition to appealing to the European court, he has launched a civil case against the sheikh seeking damages and legal costs. As well, he said the US House of Representatives' Human Rights Commission has agreed to look into the matter after he contacted the commission’s co-chairman James McGovern, a Democratic congressman from Massachusetts.

Orsi said he went to a hospital after the attack for treatment of cuts to his face, hands and body after the sheikh wielded the belt. He claims to have suffered herniated discs in his back, permanent nerve damage in his legs and “severe post-traumatic stress disorder” after being pushed to the ground and assaulted by the Arab notable and several of his body guards. “There is a mountain of medical evidence,” he said.

Orsi noted, however, that two employees of La Réserve testified that they saw the sheikh hit him. He said he was disconcerted by the response of hotel staff when he asked them to contact police. “They told me, ‘we will see what what we can do because this is a very important client of ours,’” referring to the sheikh, who was a guest at the hotel.

Orsi said he has been unable to work since the attack and he decided to leave Geneva after twice being threatened in restaurants by a group of three people he identified as “associates” of the sheikh. They were with the Arab leader at La Réserve on the day of the attack, he said.

“They came to me and said we know who you are, we know what happened at La Réserve, if you say anything more we’ll get you” Orsi said. “One of them showed me a gun and said he would use it.” He said he notified Geneva police of the incidents but nothing resulted from his complaint.



We should not ignore the fact that people who choose to associate and be identified with those (including family members) who are abusive, violent and corrupt, are revealing their own attitudes and characters as well as their own covert deeds with people.

It Runs in the Family......
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