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Silvano Orsi and The Sheikh's Belt - A Case To Watch

Sheikh Falah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan On Right
Silvano Orsi Below

Boundaries of Civilized Behaviour in Europe
Original Post: 11 July 2008 - Updated 11 July 2009

A Shocking Story about the Conduct of Middle Eastern Wealth and Savagery in Switzerland. A Case To Watch......

"I dread to think how this Sheikh treats his Servants and Polo Ponies."


A Swiss court has convicted a brother of the United Arab Emirates' ruler of assaulting an American man with his belt in a luxury hotel bar in the La Reserve Hotel in Geneva.

Sheikh Falah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was found guilty of inflicting "bodily harm with the use of a dangerous object" and ordered to pay a fine of 10,000 Swiss francs (£5,000), according to the judgment.

If he fails to pay, it will be converted into a 100-day prison term. In addition, the sheikh faces a suspended penalty of 540,000 Swiss francs, payable in the event of another infraction in Switzerland during the next three years, and costs.

The court found the sheikh hit Silvano Orsi, from New York, repeatedly with a steel-buckled belt after Orsi declined a bottle of champagne in August 2003. The sheikh, a brother of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who was appointed president of the UAE in 2004 after the death of their father, maintains he is innocent.

His lawyer, Marco Crisante, said he will probably appeal. He claimed Orsi's legal complaint was full of lies meant to pressure the sheikh for money.

Orsi, who also holds Italian citizenship, said the judgment was an "immense victory". "I battled for five long years for my rights," he said.

Orsi said that after he refused the champagne, the sheikh, whom he had never met, came up behind him, jostled his glasses, sat in his lap and tried to kiss and fondle him. When Orsi protested, he was assaulted, he said.

Geneva authorities said the sheikh told them he got into an argument with Orsi after hearing someone call him gay. The judgment said the sheikh "suddenly took out his belt and hit him several times with it in the face and on the head".

The three-judge court said it had taken into account testimonies from two former hotel employees.

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Additional Pictures (As Referred to in Comments) Have Been Removed In Anticipation of Images and Stories of Humanitarian Actions Being Delivered and Circulated Widely. Could Be Waiting a Long Time.....For The Chukkaa!

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Anonymous said...

Firstly the photo of Sheikh Falah on the lower right side is NOT the photo of the Sheikh.

Secondly Sheikh Falah has been acquitted of the case against him by Mr. ORSI.

AA-1177 said...

If someone wants to help correct MISINFORMATION, they usually provide reliable evidence and links supporting their comments. Unfortunately Anonymous has not done this.

For example, this is a facebook link to a Sheikh Falah bin Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, with various photographs. Can anyone confirm these pictures are a true representation of this man? LINK:

Secondly, Anonymous provided a media link stating Sheikh Falah has been acquitted, when a subsequent article from the Associated Press states Silvano Orsi plans to take his case to the Swiss Supreme Court. Refer to AP Worldstream Article on 6 April 2009, LINK: OR

How irresponsible for the Geneva Appeals Court to quash the conviction of inflicting bodily harm with a dangerous object.

Do the Swiss and other Europeans Want To Be Whipped and to see photographic evidence of injuries and also meet some of the victims of Belt Attacks, Cowhides and birch whippings?

How unwise for anyone to ignore the widely documented history of the life long floggings and whippings of Black Slaves and other people. How unwise also to ignore the MOTIVES for subjecting innocent people to violence.

For Establishing Patterns of Behaviour in Families, Consider the Behaviour of another family member in this Tribe


.....power, sadistic gratification and money.....

Anonymous said...

As said before the photo of the Sheikh with the red shirt is his but the lower photo is not the Sheikh.
Whether you wish to believe it or not is not my concern; but I just wanted to make the point clear as the person in the lower photo has nothing to do with the case & it does not give credibility to your article. I beleieve it's your job not mine to spend enough time on searching for credible information & photos of any input you're putting out there for the public.
& therefore based on my knowledge from the U.A.E & the Sheikhs photos I brought to your attention that the upper one is his but the lower one NO.
but where if I may ask can you confirm that this photo is the Sheikh's photo? I believe you must have evidence for your photos as you do for the article.
Thank You.