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Open Invitation to Hijackers and Terrorists - Afghan Hijack Stansted Airport Great Britain 2000

(LEFT) One of the armed hijackers, faced covered with a balaclava, patrols the tarmac at Stansted in 2000.

If these hijackers had harmed and even killed the Crew and Passengers on this Afghan flight, they would still have found protection under Human Rights Legislation in the UK.


People Can Not Cry Human Rights Law, when they have already VIOLATED the Rights of Other People!


In February 2000, nine Afghans hijacked a Boeing 727 and forced the plane to fly to Stansted Airport in England.

Sunday February 6th, 2000
0529 GMT - The Ariana flight takes off on a domestic flight from Kabul airport with 187 passengers and crew on board.
0543 GMT - Afghan Air Traffic Control loses contact with the aircraft.
0647 GMT - **Plane landed in Tashkent where 10 passengers were released in exchange for fuel. Aircraft takes off again a short time later.
1240 GMT - **Landed in Kazakhstan where it was refuelled again and takes off.
1841 GMT - **Plane landed in Moscow for unknown reasons.
2220 GMT - Departs Moscow headed for London.

Monday February 7th, 2000
0202 GMT - Flight lands at Stansted airport near London.
1225 GMT - Hijackers release five passengers and then three more in exchange for supplies.

Tuesday February 8th, 2000
Daytime GMT - Negotiations continue with food and medical supplies delivered to the aircraft, but terrorist demands remain unspecified.

Wednesday February 9th, 2000
0039 GMT - Four crew members, including the captain, escape from the jet via a cockpit window. Another escapes hours later. To date 14 hostages have left the aircraft since its arrival at Stansted.

Thursday February 10th, 2000
0215 GMT - Hijackers leave aircraft and pick up a box left by police negotiators.
0315 GMT - Aircraft's rear door opens and 65 passengers are released.
0600 GMT - Remaining 85 passengers are released and nine hostages surrender peacefully to police. SAS secure and search the aircraft finding nothing. The hijack crisis is officially over.

They were convicted of hijacking and false imprisonment in 2001.

Afghans guilty of Stansted hijack - Thursday, 6 December, 2001

Their convictions were quashed by the Court of Appeal in 2003. Why? A panel of adjudicators ruled that returning the men to Afghanistan would breach their human rights in accordance with the Human Rights Act 1998.

Afghans win hijack appeal - Thursday, 22 May, 2003 - The nine men found guilty of hijacking an Afghan airliner and flying it to Stansted Airport have had their convictions quashed at the Court of Appeal in London. -

Home Secretary Charles Clarke granted the men only temporary leave to remain in the United Kingdom. This would have placed restrictions on them, including not being able to work or obtain travel documents and being told where to live.

In 2006, Mr Justice Sullivan of the High Court, in S and Others v Secretary of State for the Home Department, ruled that it was unlawful under the 1971 Immigration Act to restrict the men's leave to remain in the United Kingdom, and ordered that they be granted "discretionary leave to remain", which entitled them to work in the United Kingdom.

Afghans who fled Taliban by hijacking airliner given permission to remain in Britain - Thursday May 11 2006. **Judge expresses concern at Home Office action** Blair derides ruling as an 'abuse of common sense' -

The Home Secretary, John Reid, challenged the ruling in the Court of Appeal, arguing that the Home Office "should have the power to grant only temporary admission to failed asylum seekers who are only allowed to stay in the UK due to their human rights". The Court dismissed the appeal on 4 August 2006.
Reid loses Afghan hijack ruling - Friday 4 August 2006- -

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The nine - Reshad Ahmadi, Abdul Shohab, Abdul Ghayur, Taimur Shah, Nazzamuddin Mohammidy, Mohammed Kazin, Ali Safi, Mohammed Safi and Mohammed Showaib - say they are educated people who want to contribute to British society.

Please define how you can CONTRIBUTE.....

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2008 - Where and What are these Hijackers Doing Now?

Afghan hijacker is back in court ... this time for 'ransacking travel agency in fit of rage'- 19 May 2008

Revealed: Afghan plane hijacker is now working as a cleaner at Heathrow - 17 May 2008

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