Monday, May 19, 2008

Human Rights Annual Reports & Global Practices

Where can you find more information about Human Rights Practices and the Violators Worldwide? The following reports are produced annually and contain some of the answers.

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Report 2007 - The State of the World's Human Rights

Amnesty International will launch its Annual Report 2008 in London on 28 May 2008. The Amnesty International Report 2008 is a comprehensive document which provides a global overview of the state of the world’s human rights. The 400-page report covers 150 countries and outlines human rights issues of concern to Amnesty International during 2007. It reflects the organization’s work during 2007 to promote human rights and to campaign against human rights abuses.

EU ANNUAL REPORT ON HUMAN RIGHTS 2007 - This report is jointly prepared by the Presidency of the European Union, the European Commission, and the General Secretariat of the Council.


Freedom in the World, Freedom House’s flagship publication, is the standard-setting comparative assessment of global political rights and civil liberties.

2008 HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH World Report

2007 US State Department of State - Country Reports on Human Rights Practices
The Country Reports on Human Rights Practices are submitted annually by the U.S. Department of State to the U.S. Congress "a full and complete report regarding the status of internationally recognized human rights, within the meaning of countries that receive assistance and all other foreign countries which are members of the United Nations. The reports cover internationally recognized individual, civil, political, and worker rights, as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

2007 Information Office of China's State Council - Annual Human Rights Record of the US
The Chinese report lists a multitude of cases to show the human rights situation in the United States and its violation of human rights in other countries. Annual Valid Tit for Tat!

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