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Some Boundaries to Freedom of Expression - Defamation, Slander, Libel, Malicious Falsehood

(Defamation, Slander, Libel, Malicious Falsehood, etc)

In law, defamation (also called vilification, slander, and libel) is the communication of a statement that makes a false claim, expressively stated or implied to be factual, that may harm the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government or nation. Slander refers to spoken comments, while libel refers to any other form of communication such as written words or images. Most jurisdictions allow legal actions, civil and/or criminal, to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism. Related to defamation is public disclosure of private facts arises where one person reveals information which is not of public concern, and the release of which would offend a reasonable person. "Unlike libel or slander, truth is not a defense for invasion of privacy."

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The aim of British libel laws is to balance the right of free speech against protection for the reputation of an individual from unjustified attack.

According to Sahota Solicitors at

A person is libelled if the words expose him or her to the risk of being:

  • hated, ridiculed, or viewed with contempt, or
  • shunned or avoided, or
  • lowered in the standing of right thinking members of society, or
  • discredited in his trade, business, office, or profession.

Libel laws explained

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Russia Takes a Stand on Slander and Libel

On Friday 25 April Russia's lower house of parliament voted to widen the definition of slander and libel and give regulators the authority to shut down media outlets found guilty of publishing such material. The bill was approved nearly unanimously, but it faces additional votes before becoming law. The bill allows authorities to suspend and close down media outlets for libel and slander — punishment that is identical for news media found to be promoting terrorism, extremism and racial hatred.

It has also expanded the definition for slander and libel to "dissemination of deliberately false information damaging individual honor and dignity."

What has caused Russia to take a stand?

Paper is shut down after report on Vladimir Putin’s love life -

President Putin denies affair with Kremlin 'babe' Alina Kabaeva -

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My blood relations and their associates are guilty of Defamation, Slander, Libel and Malicious Falsehood. There is obviously a reason for such communications against a blood relation - They want to cover up their own crimes and allegiances, which I will expose in the interests of everyone in society.

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